Outdoor Loudspeakers Made in USA

Our Vision

Create an outdoor loudspeaker that will fulfill our client’s expectations without sacrificing sound quality or durability, while achieving high efficiency ratings using the best and most noble components


Onix introduces the first line of high efficiency loudspeakers built with quality raw materials, rigorously selected to ensure the best sound delivery and design, prioritizing the purpose for which a speaker was intended.

“The outdoor loudspeakers market has been asking for this type of solution. It was not demanding more plastic cabinet speakers with fancy design shapes. Customers want sturdy reliable enclosures with high efficiency, and powerful loudspeaker components to host all sorts of special events”

The Onix outdoor loudspeakers becomes a very attractive option for hi-end retailers and commercial venues; such as theme  parks, shopping malls, or convention centers among many others; where sound quality, reliability and durability are key factors to consider.

Mr. Comas, Onix’s CEO, has designed the first all-weather speaker line with high-efficiency levels to satisfy live events and studio series alike, delivering close field detailed and accurate sound, created to satisfy the most demanding sound engineers in the field.

Applying his extensive experience, knowledge and technical expertise, Comas carefully designed these speakers to overturn the residential and commercial segments.

Mr Comas, President and Executive Producer Onix Audio, has been involved with the sound industry since 1977 and with the video industry since 1986 when he started La Musique Company, a corporation providing event sound and video services with its own infrastructure.

Since founding Aivicom in 1988, Mr. Comas has pushed his company to continuously exceed customers expectations through innovation, creativity and high quality technology. He keeps Aivicom consistently focused on achieving the maximum customer satisfaction level.

In 1992, as Project Manager he led the team picked by The Walt Disney Company to provide all technical support requirements to their projects throughout Latin American projects, covering live events such as meetings, seminars and presentations.

In 1997 he started the Home Theater design division for Aivicom targeting a high-end technology audience, using only the latest and most coveted brands and equipment available in the market.

This innovative, tailoring home theater division was carefully deployed by Comas, applying all the expertise, knowledge and technology attained with the professional market to the residential segment.

In 1999 he built a car audio system to promote to the automotive audio installation industry. His car audio system was awarded several regional sound awards and finally capturing first place in sound quality within his market..

Mr. Comas has also been involved in the technical end of the business, developing and launching a portfolio of innovative multimedia systems and ideas, such as “Listen before you buy” equipment for record stores, solar powered sound systems for ski-resort lift gondolas, remotely managed network multimedia displays, 4D shows and motion technology, among others.

In 2001, the optimal strategic growth path was launched, Aivicom in the USA, establishing a logistic hub enabling the company to offer products and services across the region, minimizing turnaround times. Since then he has worked on developing and growing a renowned and distinguished corporate and residential client base.

Several international companies and government agencies have recognized him individually for his achievements and experience in the sound and video market, we can mention Mercedes Benz, Tag Heuer, DHL, BMW Group, Ferrari, Gillette, L’Oreal Group, Nike, State of Florida, Department of Community Affairs, City Of Doral, Volkswagen, among others high-end and satisfied clients.

Today in 2021, Mr. Comas has launched Onix Audio. The design of this high efficiency outdoor pro outdoor loudspeakers, with unlimited chosen noble materials and construction, is a unique product non existent in the market. He is confident that the market will recognize an unsurmountable difference on his proposed acoustic as well as a “Close Field” studio monitor, that sound engineers will love for its sound realism qualities.