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High efficiency outdoor speakers and studio monitors

Onix outdoor speakers are custom made of high-efficiency professional
components which deliver astounding high-pressure sound levels with unprecedented quality.
Engineered and fully made in the USA.

Onix Audio

Polymer Coating

Onix outdoor speakers are enclosed with IP68 cable gland connectors, the lining surface and joint seals are injected using an advanced technology heavy-duty polymer coating. This is the same polymer commonly used for coating and lining concrete and steel construction, to protect from abrasion and corrosion.

Aluminum Grill

An aluminum powder-coated grill improves, protects and prevents corrosion, which is fundamental to protect outdoor speakers. The mesh grill with reticulated foam keeps any sprinkler or rainwater from entering the unit, retaining a totally transparent sound quality

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Onix outdoor speakers include Neodymium Magnets

These are the strongest permanent magnets commercially available anywhere in the world. They provide unparalleled levels of magnetism and resistance to demagnetization when compared to other types of magnets, providing a long-lasting magnetic field power level that ensures unparalleled sound purity.

Pro Drivers

Onix outdoor speakers achieve the highest sound quality, efficiency and top-rated sound pressure levels by exclusively using professional drivers.

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Marine Plywood

If you have ever wondered which is the strongest plywood, it is marine grade plywood. This tough  plywood is bound using high-quality glue and resins between plies to make, a compact, strong stacked veneer structure, which is water resistant ensuring the inside of the outdoor speakers remains dry. Overall, the sound from this all wood speaker cabinet is incomparable regarding its virtues and musicality.

Stainless steel fasteners

Black oxide is a conversion coating for ferrous materials; it is used to add corrosion resistance to our screws and also stainless steel T-nuts that strongly retain our pro drivers to the enclosure

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Innovative Tweeter

Onix outdoor speakers use a ferrofluid neodymium magnet paired with a heat sink to accomplish high power efficiency while using the speaker for extended periods of time.

High Quality Components for high efficiency speakers

Onix handcrafted high quality network crossover, soldered with AG5% silver and with market lowest components tolerance. Air core inductors highly refined copper wire and ribbon are used​. Also caps brings an accurate frequency slopes and the highest of sound quality reproduction. The Onix crossovers comes with high power non inductive  resistors and are made with  heat  sink  for  running  cool.

High Quality speaker components

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